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Eastertime with bears and wolves

An initiative aimed at getting to know the Park’s largest predators: the Marsican brown bear and the Apennine Wolf

From Friday 14 to Monday 17 April 2017

Spring is approaching. Wolves explore the territory and prepare for the forthcoming birth of new cubs. The she-wolf arranges the den. The rest of the pack gets ready for this event, which will modify the group dynamics. Bears peek out of their dens, after the long winter hibernation. They roam through snow-patched woods and clearings, looking for carcasses of animals that died during the cold winter. They are beginning to feel hungry, and their fat reserves are depleted. The plantigrade's large and clawed footprints are visible here and there on the remaining snow. We might spot a bear tomorrow at dawn, if we lie silently in wait. This is the show that Nature offers at Easter. Over the last years this initiative has always provided plenty of gratification.  Hides, night wolf-howling hikes, and footprint recognition are the main activities that will take place during this unusual Easter.

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